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Established in 2007, Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians (Irish Map) is a charity registered in Ireland with the overall aim of providing the necessary help and support to the Palestinian people to protect, maintain and improve their health.

We believe that good health is a basic human right and access to appropriate healthcare is an integral part of that right. Furthermore, we believe that the Geneva Convention on Human Rights should be applied to the Palestinian people and that they can enjoy peace, security, freedom, clean water, education, health, employment, proper housing and prosperity - all of which are determinants of health.

Objectives of Irish MAP

- The provision of resources to provide medicine and medical services in Palestine

- The provision of training and medical equipment to medical personnel in Palestine

- The advancement of education and training of care and health workers there

- Identifying and verifying the most urgent medical needs of the people

- Meeting identified needs and striving for the maximum positive health impacts for the least amounts of finance

- Organising and facilitating fund-raising campaigns

- Raising public awareness of the severe deprivation of the Palestinian people and in particular the severe lack of medicines and basic health facilities

By working with other charities and NGOs, we can ensure that all money raised will be spent in the most efficient and economical way. We have established a ‘Health Need Assessment’ system which, based on evidence, will only invest in projects which are evidently in need, are an example of sustainable development, and lastly, that the money spent represents the greatest value by helping the most people with the least amount of investment.

In Palestine Irish MAP works closely and in partnership with two groups in particular. They are the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC). Most of the work is done on the streets, in the community or in the Hospitals run by our partners in Gaza. The health issues facing Palestinian families, under siege conditions, in a shattered infrastructure, are numerous and most severe. The principal aims of Irish MAP are to respond to medical emergencies by raising funds for essential medicines and services.

We know that in emergency situations we must respond quickly and effectively. That is why we need the generosity of the Irish people here and strong partners in Palestine. Our two partner organisations in Palestine are fantastic, working round the clock, with the minimum of medicines and facilities to match the massive needs. Many of the basic infants foods and medicines that we take for granted here, are unavailable in Palestine. For example, we had to send an urgent consignment of special milk for a four-month old baby who was GA lactose intolerant. The baby’s life was in the balance until it arrived.