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Welcome to the Irish MAP website. Down through all the hard years the Irish people have been incredibly loyal and generous to the Palestinian people in their plight. The discrimination, deprivation and daily denial of the basic human rights of the Palestinians remind the Irish of the darkest days of their own oppression and bitter tears. The most basic human struggle is the battle between life and death, and when we set up Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians (Irish MAP) we determined that every cent raised would go to save Palestinian lives.

Our Patron, Board of Directors and Friends of Irish MAP represent people of distinction and compassion in Irish life whose sole aim is to encourage and facilitate the nation in helping to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Palestinian nation.

The hand of history is on all our shoulders, but it is what we decide to do with our own hands that counts. If you can help in any way, raise your hand to help Irish MAP. The Palestinian people will never forget you.

Daniel Teegan


Since the Great March of Return demonstrations began on 30 March 2018, at least 120 Palestinians, including 12 children, have been killed by Israeli forces during the course of the protests and more than 13,000 injured. 6,760 Palestinians have been hospitalised, including 3,598 by live ammunition. We can only get medicines into Palestine because people like you donate to Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians. There is an emergency crisis in Palestine, In Gaza and the West Bank. IRISH MAP is responding directly to help local teams treat the injured through the provision of essential medical supplies including medicines, disposables and equipment for orthopaedic surgery. 

€50 could help pay for hygiene kits, containing soap, bandages and antiseptic cream.

€100 could help buy emergency medical supplies, such as antibiotics, anaesthetics, surgical gauze and gloves.
€250 could help pay for specialist treatment for a child with serious burns injuries.

Please donate whatever you can afford. Thank you

We promise to use your donation to support the medical and health needs of the Palestinian people, wherever the need is greatest.

© Irish MedicaL aid for palestinians 2018